Online Auction


Online Auction introduction page contains Payment, Bidding, and Shipping details applicable to all currently auctioned lots.

For more information about the Online Auction, click the "Terms & Conditions" link at the top of the page.

Click the "View Current Lots" button to see currently available items.

Current Lots

Use the "Categories" section on the left to browse the currently auctioned items.

To search for a particular item, type in your search criteria and click the "Go" button.

Click on a Category name in the list to view all items in the selected category.

Click on any item to view more details for it, and to enter the bidding area.

When you go to the item details view, you will see other items in the selected category on the left. Click the "Back to Categories" button above the item image if you want to select another category.

Featured Items

This page shows one or more featured current auction lots. These items tend to be of higher value and/or interest to our bidders. This is also the default page that opens when you enter the auction listings.

My Categories

To view all items that you might be interested in, click the "My Categories" link to open a list of lots up for auction. If you have not already done so during your registration, you can set your "Categories of Interest" by going to MinnBid Home Page, and selecting "My Profile" menu at the top.

My Lot Watch

This page shows the list of items you have added to your lot watch.

To add an item to your watch list, click on the desired item to view its details, and then click the "Add to Watch List" button below the. The lots you are bidding on will automatically be added to your "Lot Watch".

To remove an item from your watch list, click on the item to view its details, and then click the "Remove from Watch List" button below the image. The lot will no longer show up on your "Lot Watch" page.

Note: You will see "My Categories" and "My Lot Watch" links only if you are logged in to the site.



To place a bid, you have to enter the "Live Bid" amount in the textbox where it says "Bid Amount:" or click the "Bid Now" tab to bid according to the appropriate bidding increments. Your bid will immediately show up in the bid history table after it is placed. The leading bid of the auction is at the top of the table. When a higher bid is placed on the auction, it will replace the current high bid at the top of the table. Your bids are in blue and competing members' bids are in white. You can see how much time is left in the auction by viewing the countdown timer next to the "Time Remaining:" header.

Maximum Bid

To place a proxy bid, select the "Maximum Bid" radiobutton, enter in your bid amount, and click the "Place Bid" button. This will place a maximum bid that you are willing to pay, but it will only increase the current auction price by the appropriate increment needed to surpass the current highest bid. Your maximum bid will remain in the lead as long as the incremental bidding by competitors does not surpass your maximum bid. For example: If the bidding has been $10, $20, $30 (a $10 increment) and you placed a maximum bid of $80, you will have a bid placed at $40 (the highest bid of $30 plus the increment of $10). If the bidding exceeds your maximum bid amount of $80, you will no longer be in the lead for the auction.


Closed Items

This page shows a list of closed items with their winning bids. Click on an item to view more details for it.